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Embedded Scripting mit Lua

Software muss immer flexibler werden, dies gilt auch für den Bereich Embedded. Zunehmend läuft Software auf 32-bit-Systemen und hat immer mehr Anforderungen zu erfüllen. Es besteht nicht nur der Wunsch nach agiler Softwareentwicklung, die Software selbst soll auch auf einfache … Continue reading

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Linux Server Monitoring with Munin

One problem with modern continuous integration systems (i.e. Hudson, Jenkins, et al.) is the maintenance and observation of all the build agents. Normally it is a tedious task to get all the needed information from all agents (Hard disk space, … Continue reading

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Simple user interface for bash scripts

Command line scripts are very handy for many purposes. Recently we encountered a problem running a bash script on an embedded Linux target, which was equipped only with a touch screen. To run the scripts a few input arguments were … Continue reading

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