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Xamarin for everyone!

Gestern Abend hat Microsoft an der «Build 2016»-Konferenz für grosses Aufsehen gesorgt: das Produkt «Xamarin» wird per sofort kostenlos in Visual Studio integriert! Microsoft hatte bereits am 24.02.2016 den Kauf von Xamarin verkündet – gestern wurde nun die Integration von … Continue reading

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Real World builds in .NET

How do you build your Visual Studio solution, verify your coding guidelines and execute tests? What steps do you take when adding a new project to your Visual Studio solution? Living in the past Let me summarize my past experience. … Continue reading

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TeamCity: Improve Build Times with Compressed Artifacts

This is a cross-post from http://blogs.jetbrains.com/teamcity/2013/06/04/improve-build-times-with-compressed-artifacts/ Do you work with build chains and artifact dependencies? Do you wonder why it takes so much more build time when your artifacts get bigger and bigger? You probably have the same potential for improvement … Continue reading

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The Gradle build system: a short overview

Since the Gradle build system (http://www.gradle.org) gets more and more attention I decided to have a look at how it works. This article should give you a brief overview of some of the features so that you get the taste … Continue reading

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