The Internet of Things – Designing a Product or an Experience?

Too many companies focus on designing an IoT product rather than designing an IoT user experience. These three design principles may help set you straight.

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Digital Transformation: UK Government Transformation Strategy – culture change

Previously, as I blogged about the UK Government’s newly unveiled Transformation Strategy, there was little in the way of a general reaction to it. Since then, the Right Honorable Ben Gummer, the Cabinet Office Minister in charge of rolling the strategy out has made a few points that relate to the challenges facing such a transformation that are applicable to the wider business world. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation: UK Government unveils Transformation Strategy til 2020

The UK Government unveiled its Government Transformation Strategy til 2020 today (9th February 2017). Continue reading

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Safe Harbor is dead – long live Privacy Shield!

On 11 January 2017, the Federal Council of Switzerland announced that it had reached an agreement with the United States to replace the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework for transferring personal data from Switzerland to the U.S. Was is the background? Continue reading

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Securing the Internet of Things – Building security in from the bottom up

After more than 25 years of developing our experience in securing the Internet, we know that there is no silver bullet, no one single control that is adequately going to protect a device. We know that security is a multi-layered approach. It starts when devices are powered up, when trusted communication paths are established, when data is transmitted and stored securely.

Security must be addressed throughout the device lifecycle, not just limited to an initial design, but evolving as knowledge is gained, standards are adopted, and adapting to the operational (threat) environment. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation: 3D printing by the consumer

What if, instead of having to stock countless units of aging spare parts, manufacturers could simply e-mail their customers a file that allowed those parts to be 3D printed at home (or at a 3D service provider)? Continue reading

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Erfahrungsbericht Xamarin Partner Summit 2017 – Amsterdam

«The next mobile frontier» und «Mobile +». Dies war das Motto des diesjährigen Partner Summit von Xamarin. Nachdem unser Flug nach London City am Montagmorgen abgesagt wurde, mussten wir auf den nächsten Partner Summit in Amsterdam ausweichen. Es war ein wenig besetzter, aber trotzdem sehr informativer Nachmittag. Continue reading

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The Internet of Things: Utility vs. Privacy

I previously raised the subject of how the Internet of Things feels and its creepiness. Why does unconsented data collection feel wrong? Well, it probably goes against our preconceptions of our right to privacy. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation: it takes way more than simply Digitalisation

It’s a mistake to think that organizations in Switzerland and Europe are really ready for profound digital transformation in a broad way. There are still far too many gaps with regard to the digitisation (and automation) of existing processes and the digitisation (transcription) of data from paper media. Worse: what is sometimes called digital transformation is sometimes «just» digitisation (turning paper into electronic information, into processes). The majority of C-level managers responding to the 2014 Digital Transformation survey by KPMG still equated «Digital Transformation» with simply the digitalisation and automation of business processes. Putting that aside, you still need to introduce digitisation in order to optimise your business in a digital transformation context but, and I do not apologise to keep emphasising this, digitisation does not equal digital transformation. What matters is the strategic and prioritised interconnection of data sources and the actions you take to achieve business goals through digitisation and combining data. Continue reading

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M2M and IoT: what’s the difference?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) are two related terms that are commonly bandied around but, because of their main similarities, are hard to distinguish. In some respects, it depends on who is using a particular term: the product developer, the end user, or the network provider. Continue reading

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