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D-Bus and Qt

D-Bus is open source inter-process system, which allows applications to communicate with each other running on the same machine. D-Bus enables also the communication between the desktop session and the operating system, where the operating system would typically include the … Continue reading

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Qt Interview Framework

An interesting topic in Qt is the Interview Framework. Interview is Qt’s approach to the model view concept. That said, Qt’s implementation isn’t really the easiest in the world to use. One of my least favorite bits about it is … Continue reading

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Linux Server Monitoring with Munin

One problem with modern continuous integration systems (i.e. Hudson, Jenkins, et al.) is the maintenance and observation of all the build agents. Normally it is a tedious task to get all the needed information from all agents (Hard disk space, … Continue reading

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Simple user interface for bash scripts

Command line scripts are very handy for many purposes. Recently we encountered a problem running a bash script on an embedded Linux target, which was equipped only with a touch screen. To run the scripts a few input arguments were … Continue reading

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Multithreaded programming with Qt

Multithreading is becoming an increasingly important part of modern programming. One reason for this is that multithreading enables a program to make the best use of available CPU cycles, thus allowing very efficient programs to be written. Another reason is … Continue reading

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Usage of dynamic memory in a real time system

Memory management is one of the most fundamental areas of software engineering. In many scripting languages you do not have to worry about memory management, but that does not make memory management any less important. In languages like C and … Continue reading

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C++ Memory error detection on a Linux platform

Memory errors are among the most difficult bugs to detect because they don’t seem to cause any outward problems until it is too late. A memory leak can cause an out of memory issue, and further calls to malloc or … Continue reading

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C++ Memory leak tests on a Windows Platform

In C++, unit tests are ideal for ensuring correct functionality. But how do you make sure you don’t have memory leaks in your code,  leaks that eventually cause your application to crash when it runs out of memory? Unit tests … Continue reading

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