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Have you ever heard about Verte.X? I was in the same situation before I visited a tiny presentaion about Vert.X. But what is Vert.X?

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How do you bind your UI to your backend? How do you ensure your client is showing the current state of your data? How can you notify other clients about changes made in any client running while there are in … Continue reading

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Create your own hamcrest matcher

If you are familiar with hamcrest and JUnit the time will come when you have the need to create your own matchers. Creating your own matcher can be as simple as useful. One reason for creating your own matcher could … Continue reading

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Easier JUnit testing with hamcrest

Have you ever thought that JUnit assertions are not really readable and do not correspond to natural language? It is a mess that the expected value is the first argument on an assert? This would not be like the spoken … Continue reading

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