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Erfahrungsbericht Xamarin Partner Summit 2017 – Amsterdam

«The next mobile frontier» und «Mobile +». Dies war das Motto des diesjährigen Partner Summit von Xamarin. Nachdem unser Flug nach London City am Montagmorgen abgesagt wurde, mussten wir auf den nächsten Partner Summit in Amsterdam ausweichen. Es war ein … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things: Utility vs. Privacy

I previously raised the subject of how the Internet of Things feels and its creepiness. Why does unconsented data collection feel wrong? Well, it probably goes against our preconceptions of our right to privacy.

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Digital Transformation: it takes way more than simply Digitalisation

It’s a mistake to think that organizations in Switzerland and Europe are really ready for profound digital transformation in a broad way. There are still far too many gaps with regard to the digitisation (and automation) of existing processes and … Continue reading

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M2M and IoT: what’s the difference?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) are two related terms that are commonly bandied around but, because of their main similarities, are hard to distinguish. In some respects, it depends on who is using a particular term: the product … Continue reading

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LBS and IoT: not just what but where

LBS, Location-Based Services, are most-widely known in association with mobile devices (e.g. smart phones) with a built-in GNSS [Global Navigation Satellite System1] receiver, picking up signals from earth satellites, or correlating and trilaterating signal strengths of known WiFi or mobile telephone … Continue reading

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Wie installiere ich Cloud Foundry lokal?

IT-Unternehmen stehen immer vor der selben Herausforderung: bestimmte Services möglichst schnell und in hoher Qualität ihren Kunden zur Verfügung zu stellen. Durch iterative Entwicklungsprozesse, die allen agilen Methoden gemein sind, werden in der Regel immer häufiger IT-Artefakte dem Kunden ausgeliefert. … Continue reading

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What must owners do when they on-sell an IoT-enabled product?

Many products change their ownership at some point in their lifetime, and this should also be considered for IoT-enabled devices. IoT-enabled devices also inhabit a virtual dimension that needs to be either preserved, transferred, or deleted, or a combination of all three.

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The Internet of Things: elements of delivery

What elements of an Internet of Things solution do we need to deliver (develop) to be successful?

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