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From May 4th to May 8th, Tobias Röthlin and I attended the first-ever Microsoft Ignite Conference in Chicago. Attending from all around the world, 23’000 people came to Chicago to learn about the latest Microsoft technologies, meet other IT specialists and of course, have fun. Here is an overview of the sessions we attended:

Day 1:

  • Keynote by the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella
  • Data Science with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft SQL Server and R
  • Agile Development in Practice: Tips and Tricks for Modernized Development Cycle
  • Showcase Keynote: Harry Shum

Day 2:

  • A Lap around .NET 2015
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Images, Extensions, Docker and More.
  • Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
  • Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Building Windows Apps with JavaScript is Even Easier

Day 3:

  • Developing Hyper Scale Application on Microsoft Azure
  • Python and Node.js: Microsoft’s Best Kept Secrets
  • Adding Search Capabilities to your business application using Microsoft Azure Search
  • Microsoft Visual Studio for Web Developers
  • Developer to Developer: Meeting Custom Needs with Microsoft Project

Day 4:

  • Modern Data Applications with Entity Framework 7
  • Why Continuous Integration/Deployment and Microsoft Azure SQL database Are Good for Compliance
  • Cross-Platform Continuous Delivery with Release Management to Embrace DevOps
  • Using Git with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online

Day 5:

  • From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal App Experiences with XAML
  • C# and Visual Basic Code-Focused Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2015
  • Deep Dive into Microsoft ASP.NET 5

If you are interested in viewing any of these sessions online, here’s the link to the Ignite event on Channel 9:

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