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Open Source projects and Medical Technical Projects

These are the slides with comments of my conference talk at MedConf 2012 in Lucerne: Software development without using open source software (OSS) is unthinkable in today’s world. This holds also for medical technical projects. This presentation is split into … Continue reading

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Client / Server Localization – Resources

In my last post I described the problem domain behind client / server localization. In this post I’m going to tackle how dynamic translation can be achieved in a client / server environment. The basic idea is to use compiled … Continue reading

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Get your free copy of our new Agile Testing Poster

Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing is built upon the philosophy that testers need to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and changes in testing patterns. Providing and getting feedback … Continue reading

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Create your own hamcrest matcher

If you are familiar with hamcrest and JUnit the time will come when you have the need to create your own matchers. Creating your own matcher can be as simple as useful. One reason for creating your own matcher could … Continue reading

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Agiles Requirements-Engineering: Ein Erfolgsfaktor für Produktentwicklungen

Ein spannender Artikel im OBJEKTspektrum 2/2012 von Raphael auf der Maur, Product Owner Coach und Senior Projektleiter, bei bbv Software Services AG: Mit der Einführung von Scrum oder anderen agilen Methoden konnten Softwareentwicklungsabteilungen in den letzten Jahren Produktivitätssteigerungen erzielen. Scrum … Continue reading

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