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bbv Planning Poker App in Android Market

Planning Poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of tasks in software development. It is most commonly used in Agile Software Development, in particular the Extreme Programming methodology. … Continue reading

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Caliburn.Micro – Core infrastructure

In my last post I covered basic topics about Caliburn and Caliburn.Micro. Lets look into the core infrastructure. Bootstrapper In short terms the Bootstrapper is responsible to configure the framework and provides extension points to hook in various Inversion of … Continue reading

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bbv unter den besten 10 Arbeitgeber der Schweiz

bbv wird am Swiss Arbeitgeber Award als achtbester Arbeitgeber der Schweiz ausgezeichnet. Zudem ist bbv der bestplatzierte Betrieb im Bereich Software-Engineering und Informatik. bbv gehört damit zu den besten Arbeitgebern der Schweiz, die im Rahmen der grössten Mitarbeiterbefragung des Landes … Continue reading

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Caliburn.Micro – Introduction

Caliburn.Micro is a lightweight and small, yet powerful framework for developing rich WPF, Silverlight or Windows Phone applications. Caliburn.Micro has only a single dependency to the System.Windows.Interactivity library. Due to its small footprint of only 75 k and approximately 2700 … Continue reading

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Distributed Event Broker – Scoping, identification and serializers

In my last post I gave an introduction to the nuts and bolts of the distributed event broker. In this post we are going even deeper into some of the customization possibilities the distributed event broker offers. I want to … Continue reading

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