Tools: bbv.Common in the .NET Magazin 8/2011

We proudly announce that bbv.Common is enclosed on the .NET Magazin CD of issue 8/2011.

For software engineers who want to build flexible, extensible and maintainable software systems, bbv.Common is an open source library of software components that makes building multi-threaded, event-based and loosely coupled systems easy.
 Unlike other open or closed source solutions bbv.Common offers proven concepts that are used in bbv’s real-world projects.

bbv.Common is a library of .NET components and functionality including:

  • (a)synchronous notification component with thread switching using publisher-subscriber pattern,
  • hierarchical state machine with fluent definition syntax,
  • programmatic, loosely coupled, context based evaluation engine,
  • support for active objects to build multi-threaded applications
  • many more regarding TDD-enablers, multi-threading, communication, …

Download and more information on bbv.Common

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